Acting a Song

Acting a Song

Acting a Song

There is a connection between the voice and acting the song.  If you know how you are performing a song (you know your focus or your “other”, you know your motivation, you know your Super Objective, you’ve worked out any steps you are going to take, you’ve decided some hand gestures you are going to use, etc.) then the voice will typically be focussed as well.  When you have not done your acting homework and do not know what to do with the body, then your voice will wander, too.

You need a Musical Theatre vocal coach who can help you vocally, as well as help you decide how to act a song.  Acting the song requires another set of eyes other than yours.  If you want to audition for Musical Theatre, pursue a career on Broadway, or just grow in the craft of Musical Theatre, you need to get a qualified Musical Theatre voice teacher.

Often with students who have not had private voice lessons before, they have wandering eyes.  There are three ways you can focus your eyes when auditioning for Musical Theatre.  You can focus your eyes above the Producer/Judge/Casting Director’s head.  This is the most commonly used.  Imagine a person that you are singing too above their head(s) and try to achieve your Super Objective by focussing your eyes there.  Another way you can focus your eyes in Broadway auditions is by imaging your “other” onstage with you.  This one is harder to do, not as effective in an audition, and not as commonly used.  The final way to focus your eyes in a musical audition is to imagine a crowd of people on stage with you and sing to the group.  This is hard because you must remember where you place everyone and be consistent in singing to those people.  This is an obvious choice for songs like, “Trouble” from The Music Man and “Magic to Do” from Pippin.

If you will pick one of the three ways to focus your eyes when acting a Musical Theatre song, then your voice will often do exactly what you have rehearsed.  A voice teacher will help get a song into your vocal muscle memory so that when it is time to audition or perform a song, you will only have to think about performing the song.  Your muscle memory will kick in and you will sing like you rehearsed the song with your private voice teacher.

I, D’Lytha Myers, specialize in Musical Theatre vocal coaching.  I teach Musical Theatre vocal techniques and styles and focus on acting the song once we have worked on improving the voice.  I work on song performance, Musical Theatre audition preparation, and Musical Theatre performance techniques.

I teach online voice lessons and voice lessons in Fort Worth, TX.  Contact me via e-mail at dlytha@dlytha.com, or text/call at 817-455-3408 to set up your next virtual voice lesson or Fort Worth voice lesson.  Feel free to contact if you have any questions or want more information about music lessons.

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