Ballet Shoes and Leotards

Ballet Shoes and Leotards

Ballet Shoes and Leotards

If you wish to pursue a career, hobby, or education in Musical Theatre, then you will have to go through a dance audition.  I highly recommend taking ongoing dance classes.  Ballet technique is of the utmost importance if you wish to be a contender in this ever growing industry.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or in between, you will need ballet shoes, dance shoes, tap shoes, leotards, dance wear, dance clothes, etc.  There are a lot of choices out there for where to purchase your ballet shoes and dance wear.  You can search locally or online.  I am an avid supporter of local shops and industry, however there are some amazing deals online for ballet shoes, leotards, and dance clothes.  Also, there are a lot of choices, a lot of brands, and a lot of variation in sizing.  Therefore, look up reviews, research brands, and read the fine print on sizing, if you are to purchase online dance shoes and dance wear.  On my blog, you will find reviews to help you make your purchases and ensure that your dancer has the best experience with their ballet shoes, leotards, and dance clothes.

If you are a novice or if you have years of experience, I hope the blogs I dedicate to ballet shoes, leotards, and dance wear help.  Also, please leave helpful comments that could help the next reader in their search for dance shoes and dance clothes.  Only positive comments or advice to stay away from a certain brand or style.  Please do not use the comments section of this blog as your own personal blog to rant and rave.

There are several brands out there for ballet shoes.  Some popular ballet shoe brands are Capezio, Bloch, Theatricals, and Sansha.  There are several styles of ballet shoes, as well, such as canvas ballet slippers, full sole ballet slippers and leather ballet slippers.  If you are wanting to buy ballet pointe shoes, there are several brands and styles for those as well.  For your first pair of point shoes, I recommend going into a store to be fitted for your shoes.  Once you know exactly what you like and need, then you can purchase your ballet shoes online.  If you are looking for dance shoes and are looking for jazz shoes, you could get lace up jazz shoes, slip on jazz shoes, split sole jazz shoes, or jazz sneakers.

Leotards are a highly recommended type of dance wear for the female musical theatre dancer.  You will need a leotard for dance classes and auditions.  There are several brands, with some of the most popular being Bloch, Capezio, Mirella, Natalie, and So Danca.  There are a lot of styles, as well.  Popular styles include camisole leotards, tank leotards, halter leotards, short sleeve leotards, long sleeve leotards, and 3/4 sleeve leotards.

Regardless of what your needs are for dance classes or dance auditions, you can find great deals on ballet shoes, dance wear, leotards, etc.  Hopefully, you will find a great review and even some good deals on this website.

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