Canvas Ballet Shoes Review

Canvas Ballet Shoes Review

Canvas Ballet Shoes Review

I have done several ballet shoe reviews on this blog. I have picked some of the most popular ballet shoes on the market right now to review. Right now, though, I would like to review the canvas ballet shoe. My favorite ballet shoe of all times are canvas ballet shoes. I think they are the most comfortable ballet slipper, in comparison to the all leather shoe. Also, depending on the brand, the canvas ballet shoe forms to your foot quite well. There are lots of choices out there. I am a girl who loves the classic, Capezio Pro. These shoes last me a solid year. I always start to get holes in the toes towards the end of the year, but I just keep using them until they literally fall apart. I love the Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Shoe! Love them!

There are several other brands and looks, like Grishko’s Performance, Bloch’s Pro Elastic, Theatrical’s Split, Russian Pointe Nouveau Split Sole, and Wear Moi. Most of these ballet canvas shoes have clean lines, low profiles, and modern construction. Most of these dance shoes also come with the elastic sewn into the shoe, which I appreciate greatly. I do not like having to sew! I think it is important for the ballet shoe to help accent your arch. Most of the kinds of ballet shoes mentioned above in the review do help accent your arch. I have reviewed a few beginner ballet shoes in other blogs, and most beginner shoes do not accent your arch and form to your foot as well as I like.

If you are like me, I like to know how much each type and style of ballet shoe costs.  The Grishko “Performance Series” Adult Split-Sole Ballet Slipper runs $25.45 on the following google trusted website: Grishko Ballet Shoes.  The Bloch Adult “Pro Elastic” Canvas Split=Sole Ballet Slipper costs $19.20 online, which you can find by going to this goole trusted website: Bloch Ballet Slippers.  Theatrical’s Adult Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slipper is a good buy at $13.85.  The Russian Pointe Nouveau Split Sole Ballet Shoe is $24 by clicking on this google trusted site: Russian Pointe.  Wear Moi Adult Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Slipper retails at $24.10 on this google trusted site: Wear Moi Ballet Shoes.

wear moi ballet shoes

There are so many ballet shoes and everyone has their own opinion on the best.  My favorite is the Capezio Pro Canvas Ballet Shoe.  You should check out a pair and test them out in your next ballet class!

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