D’Lytha: The Voice Teacher

D’Lytha: The Voice Teacher

D’Lytha: The Voice Teacher

I love being being a voice teacher in Fort Worth – I get to teach some of the most talented students around, both kids and adults.  Voice lessons online are equally as rewarding for me.

I love success stories. Not just the success of booking a role, but the success of gaining confidence and of making the most of your life.

One of my students, Jessica, lives in NYC.  She told me that before she came to me, she would cry whenever she had to sing.  Now, two years later, she performs regularly at an Equity house in Florida in supporting roles.  She has had amazing improvement with her voice and her confidence.  Before coming to me, she would never have had the confidence to go to a singing audition, but now she consistently books gigs.  She always had the voice, but needed someone to believe in her and help her gain the confidence to stand in front of producers and shine.

These are the stories I love.

Let me help you create your story by helping you gain confidence, honing your vocal skills, and supporting you in your Musical Theatre journey.

Contact me today: dlytha@dlytha.com

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