Free Voice Lessons Online

Free Voice Lessons Online

Free Voice Lessons Online

by Fort Worth Voice (D’Lytha Myers)

So many people seem to search google for “free voice lessons“. As an online voice teacher, my coaching sessions are how I pay my bills and put food on my table. However, my blog entries should be regarded and valued as the best free voice lessons and I should be in the running for best online voice teacher due to these free vocal sessions in the form of blogs and short videos. If you would like a voice lesson, please e-mail me at dlytha@dlytha.com.

That being said, a common issue amongst most of my voice students is the issue of breath. Singers stop their airflow when they are singing a phrase – they actually hold their breath. Seasoned vocalists would never commit such a crime! They know that their breath is their money in singing. To complete a phrase, a voice student should use their breath like a balloon deflating the air. It should be a consistent, constant, steady stream of air, and any voice teacher would tell a student to NEVER pause that air flow.

Yet so many singing students who pass through my virtual doors in their online voice lessons momentarily stop their breath when they sing a song. It seems that the reason their brain signals the air flow to stop is due to a few reasons.
One such reason a vocal student might stop the air is because they are struggling to hit the notes. As an online voice teacher, I have seen this pop up in boys who are undergoing their voice changing. They get scared of singing semi high notes and that state of fear greatly affects the breath.

Another cause of stopping the air flow when singing a song is plosive consonants. It is impossible to voice plosives (t, k, p), so instead of keeping the air flowing a lot of inexperienced singers will put small gaps of “air” between words that end with a plosive sound and the next word. Although the result is very slight, someone with a trained ear, such as a voice teacher or an online vocal coach, will take notice and regard you as a trained singer if you do not pause after a plosive sound.

I have mentioned in another Fort Worth Voice Teacher blog entry the topic of nasal sounds. Nasal sounds seem to subconsciously make the untrained vocal student want to pause after they make those sounds (n, m, ng).
If you cannot afford voice lessons online or in person, here is a free singing tip: work on your breath! There are so many ways you can improve your breathing. Just google “how to improve breathing when singing” and some great educational ideas will pop up. One easy way to improve your breathing is to blow out all of your air on “sh” for as long as you can. Do this five times daily and you will start to improve your breath, which will help improve your singing over time.

To begin working on your breathing and singing, e-mail me at dlytha@dlytha.com today!

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