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by Fort Worth Voice and Online with D’Lytha Myers

Here is where you will find out how Online Singing Lessons work. For your Musical Theatre Vocal Coaching session, you should first contact D’Lytha either via e-mail at dlytha@dlytha.com or text/call at 817-455-3408. This first contact will establish the day and time you will have your lesson.

Once you have secured your day and time, then you will need to make a payment. This can be online at SquareUp or you can snail mail a check. The address for snail mail will be disclosed at a case-by-case basis.

Once payment is received, then the lesson can happen!

Prior to the lesson, you should come up with a song you want to work on.  That way, both you and I can go to musicnotes.com and purchase the same sheet music to work from.  After the first lesson is complete, I can advise other music for your repertoire.

Please make sure you have a computer with a camera and audio built in before you start inquiring about online lessons.  Also, go ahead and set up a Skype account, if you do not already have one.

Lessons are either 30 minutes or 45 minutes.  Once the time is up, the lesson is over.  This is because I have other students and a family, so time is valuable to me.  If after the lesson you have questions or wants, feel free to e-mail me so that I can get to them before our next lesson or I can address them at the beginning of the next voice lesson.

Also, if you want to learn some Music Theory, please let me know.  I enjoy teaching music theory, but often students just want to work audition songs or sing their hearts out.  I try to sneak a little music theory in every once in a while, regardless.

So, after we have made contact with one another, settled on a day/time, and I have received payment, then we will have a lesson!  You will need to make sure I have your Skype username so that on our lesson day & time, I can give you a call online.

If for some unforeseen reason, either of us encounters technical difficulties, I can either refund your payment or we can reschedule.

Below is a short video of me teaching “Maybe” from Annie.  I move pretty fast on the video, but in a lesson will move as fast or as slow as needed.  I might first speak the rhythm before I teach the notes.  I might teach the notes on the vowel “ah” before I teach the song with the lyrics, if the student isn’t a fast reader or if the lyrics are challenging.  There are many different styles and techniques I employ when teaching.  Below in the video is just one way I might share the Musical Theatre show tune with the voice student.

For the post: http://www.dlytha.com/online-singing-lessons/

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