Stop Canceling Your Voice Lessons

Stop Canceling Your Voice Lessons

Stop Canceling Your Voice Lessons

Usually, I use my online voice lessons blog about things that sound somewhat scholarly – usually about topics like “how to sing” or “musical theatre auditions”.  I typically use the education my parents paid for and turn those expensive Musical Theatre undergrad and graduate courses into a topic that I think my “Voice Lessons Fort Worth” students and internet readers may benefit from.  However, this blog entry is for me!  It is my rant.

In the past two days I have had a total of 11 canceled voice lessons amongst four students.  To put it in a financial perspective, that is $400 I will loose over the month of April.  What is $400 to you?  Well let me tell you what $400 is to me.  It is my allotted grocery budget for THE MONTH.

One student canceled the next eight lessons on me because she has decided to take Betty Buckley’s Song Interpretation Workshop.  I am very pleased that she is going to further her musical theatre education and learn from a very accomplished and knowledgeable local Broadway actress, however, this student first made a commitment to me!  Her lesson time and Buckley’s class do not conflict with each other, she just feels that it would be too much to continue both.  Honestly, she is probably right.  It is most likely too much to do both.  But, this is my rant…so I don’t want to look at it through my student’s eyes!

Another student canceled the next two lessons on me.  She has a conflict this week and then next week there are no classes at Casa Manana, and she doesn’t drive the 35 minute drive just for voice lessons.  (Now that I am typing this, I need to ask her if they would like to do a Skype singing lesson).

I have another student that canceled on me this week due to an audition conflict.  They set up the audition around the same time voice is.  The great and noble thing about this student’s parents is that they are trying to find a time to reschedule with me.

My final cancellation has cancelled a lesson that is two weeks away.  Even though I do not like cancellations, this one really doesn’t bother me because this mother has the courtesy to let me know in advance that they have a scheduling conflict.  Thank you!

All of these cancellations bother me because of the financial loss I am taking, but also because I had three new potential students contact me last week and I had to tell them how full my schedule is and that I didn’t think I had availability.

What to do?

I suppose I need to implement a cancellation policy.  I do not want to be too harsh because I want business and in regards to Fort Worth voice lessons, it is all about relationship.  Yet at the same time, I do not want to be the one that continually gets the short end of the stick.  I have a wonderful family that I help support with my singing lessons and loosing $400 in a month is quite hurtful.

What to do?  If any one has thoughts on the subject of implementing a cancellation policy, I would love the feedback!

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