Online Voice Teacher explains a Bad Vocal Habit…The Grovel

Online Voice Teacher explains a Bad Vocal Habit…The Grovel

Online Voice Teacher explains a Bad Vocal Habit…The Grovel

There are a lot of bad vocal habits that enter my voice studio doors in Fort Worth.  A lot of online singing lessons are devoted to ridding the vocalist of their bad habits.  One such habit, is the grovel of the vocal chords.

We hear that grovel sound on a daily basis on tv, on the radio, and probably from our friends and family.  So if this grovel sound is everywhere, why does my voice teacher try to stop me from committing thus crime (you might ask)?

Take a note from this vocal coach and listen up, singing students on the Internet.  Groveling is bad for your voice, plain and simple.

When you sing, your vocal chords flap apart, letting the air pass through. However wide the air hole determines the pitch you make.  BUT if you make the grovel sound, then you are allowing the vocal chords to rub together when they should be apart.  This is exactly like the over use of a pencil.  When you keep using a pencil, you start to build a callous on your pointer finger because of the continual rubbing of the pencil against your finger.

The same thing will eventually happen to your vocal chords if you allow them to come together when they should be apart, making the grovel sound. I have a video below of what this grovel sounds like, in case you do not know.

If you have formed this bad habit, you need to stop by taking online voice lessons or finding a local voice teacher in your community.  If you live in Fort Worth, I offer voice lessons, as well as online. Contact me today! dlytha@dlytha.com

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  2. Candice

    I’m a voice teacher in Florida, and came across your article and video about groveling. Thanks for explaining and demonstrating that so well. It’s important for singers to understand the importance of proper technique. Eventually, this bad habit of groveling can lead to vocal nodules and inflammation of the vocal chords.

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