Voice Lessons Fort Worth: Musical Theatre Audition Tips Part 1

Voice Lessons Fort Worth: Musical Theatre Audition Tips Part 1

Voice Lessons Fort Worth: Musical Theatre Audition Tips Part 1

I am a private voice teacher in Fort Worth, TX, as well as an online voice teacher.

I have come across a lot of students lately who have decided to use Stephen Sondheim or Jason Robert Brown songs for their auditions.  Regardless of the audition, whether it is for college musical theatre programs, Broadway auditions, community theatre auditions, regional theatre auditions, or just a high school musical audition or middle school audition, these song choices should be avoided.

Sondheim and Jason Robert Brown are extremely difficult to play for an accompanist.  It is hard to line up the intricate piano parts with the vocals.  It takes time and rehearsal, which is a luxury you do not have for your auditions where the pianist is sight reading your audition material.

Jason Robert Brown always plays for his shows when they are first produced in New York City.  It is because the score is extremely hard to play!

Instead of choosing one of these amazing, but challenging composers for your audition piece, try performing a standard Broadway show tune, an obscure work that is easy to play on the piano, an Off-Broadway selection, or ANYTHING BESIDES SONDHEIM & JASON ROBERT BROWN. You will have a better audition and leave much happier if you pick a selection your accompanist can actually play.

There are so many great shows out there with brilliant scores that a pianist could easily accompany you on.  I challenge you to do some research.  Use the internet, ask friends, and question your voice teacher.  Discover musicals and their composers that you have never heard of.  Listen to radio programs, pick a Broadway station on Pandora, make some unique buys on itunes, etc.

Once you have some new songs that you would like to sing, find the sheet music.  You can buy the songs, often, on musicnotes for less than five bucks, and you can instantly print from your home computer.  If the sheet music is not published, dig a little deeper on the internet and contact the composer.  Quite often, a composer will e-mail you the sheet music because they want their song to be heard.

You can have the best audition possible, no matter what your vocal abilities are or how intimidating the audition.  It is all about the audition songs you choose, if  you have worked on them with a vocal coach and how much you have effectively rehearsed, and if you are confident with your acting choices.

If you would like some unique, properly suited to your vocal skills, and easy to play Musical Theatre audition songs, then do not hesitate to contact me, your local Fort Worth voice teacher and your Online voice teacher, D’Lytha Myers today!

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